What Did You Miss? An Overview of Hamilton Act II

Act two of Hamilton starts off with a hit song called "What Did I Miss?" that is one of my favorites. In this song Thomas Jefferson, who has just come home to America from serving as an ambassador in France is filled in on what is happening in the country. He is assigned to be … Continue reading What Did You Miss? An Overview of Hamilton Act II


Hamilton Act 1

Hamilton. Where to begin? Hamilton,┬áthe Broadway musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton became a success and a must-see in today's Broadway lineup. After receiving feedback to previous blog posts to explain what Hamilton is, I've decided to use it as my next blog post to help readers in the future get a better understanding … Continue reading Hamilton Act 1

The Miner’s Angel

Over the summer I was in a show with my local theater, called Crystal Theater. The show, written by the musical director, Cheryl Kemeny, was called┬áMother Jones and the Children's Crusade. The show is historical fiction, based off of real people and events that occurred within that time period. Mother Jones, or Mary Harris Jones, … Continue reading The Miner’s Angel