My Miss Saigon Experience

Last week, some members of the music department went on a trip to see the Broadway performance of Miss Saigon. We arrived in the city around 5 o’clock and got dinner before meeting up with other groups to go into the theater. Miss Saigon is playing for a limited time at the Broadway Theatre in NYC. All members of the cast were amazing, and here is an overview of the show, some of the characters, and my favorite songs.

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Before going into the show, I knew very little about the plot. To my surprise, it was a bit raunchy and an extremely emotional show. The main character, Kim, lived in the Vietnam countryside until her village was bombed and her family killed in the Vietnam War. In the city, the only way she can find work is to become a stripper at one of the city of Saigon’s best clubs where the American soldiers come for fun at night. On her first night, she is bought by troubled American soldier who ends up spending the night. They both find a sliver of reality in each other and they fall in love.

In this video, Kim is played by Eva Noblezada and Chris by Alistair Brammer. Both were amazing in their roles and this is the song they sing when Chris promises to take Kim to America with him. This was one of my favorites, and it’s called “Last Night of the World.”

Kim’s soldier’s name is Chris, and he works for the American embassy in Saigon. The two pledge their lover for each other with the other girls at the club as witnesses. Chris then promises to take Kim back to America with him when he is called back. As it turns out, Kim was supposed to marry a man from the village, who she did not think had survived. She was now in love with Chris and did not want to marry this man, but he would not leave her alone.

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In the final scene of the first act, it is fast-forwarded to three years later and we see that Kim is alone in a camp in Vietnam. The man that Kim was supposed to marry is now  an army general and comes to the camp she is hiding out in to offer his marriage one more time to Kim. She refuses and claims that she is married to Chris even though he has been gone for three years. When her “fiance” grills her with more questions she calls to someone in the tent. Out of the tent comes her’s and Chris’s son, that he never knew was born. Her “fiance” is shocked and convinced that the only way to get to Kim is to kill the boy. Kim was given Chris’s gun before he leaves and in a moment of motherly terror and rage, she kills her “fiance” and saves her son’s life.

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This ends Act I, and writing it out, I realize that I will need to finish this in another post, so stay tuned for the rest of the show. In the meantime, come see Brien McMahon’s production of Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella! Click here for tickets.


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