Rodgers and Hamerstein’s Cinderella

When spring rolls around, be sure to come see the Brien McMahon musical! This year’s show is Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. The show was originally a book written by Oscar Hammerstein and songs written by Richard Rodgers. The show was then turned into a Broadway musical and a movie based on its success. In this production, I am in the ensemble, and the leads will be played by some of our favorite McMahon juniors and seniors. If you are interested in working on the crew backstage for the show at BMHS, click here. Because the show is a musical, I decided to give and overview of the show and my favorite songs from the show.

The show opens with a peaceful song that introduces the setting of the show and introduces a few of the characters. As Cinderella struggles to handle the work of her step-mother,  Prince Christopher Rupert Windemere Vladimir Karl Alexander Francois Reginald Lancelot Herman Gregory James, or Prince Topher, questions his identity. He is a fascinating character, because he slays dragons and saves the kingdom but has no idea who is inside. He wants to be a good leader but feels he can not rule if he doesn’t know his people and who he really is. By the end of the show he finds himself when he is with Cinderella and he goes on to meet the people of his kingdom and be a better leader than his advisers and anyone before him. The Prince’s advisers then suggest that he host a ball in order to meet a wife before his coronation.

In the meantime, Cinderella struggles with the torment of her step-sisters and step-mother. When the ball draws near, Cinderella’s family goes without even considering taking Cinderella along because one of her sisters, Gabrielle, has been promised the prince’s hand by one of the advisers. As they walk out the door, Cinderella’s revolutionary friend Jean-Michelle walks in. He wants to storm the castle and demand that the citizens get better treatment from the government and rushes off to do so while Cinderella goes outside only to find her fairy godmother is not who she expected. While her fairy godmother transforms her rags into a beautiful ballgown and glass slippers, the two sing a duet called “Impossible,” which shortly becomes “Possible” as Cinderella realizes that if she puts her heart into it she can do anything she wants to do.

Image result for rodgers and hammerstein's cinderella broadway

When Cinderella arrives at the ball, no one recognizes her but the prince is enthralled by her kindness and beauty. To listen to this amazing duet sung by Broadway original cast members Santino Fontana and Laura Onses, click here. This ends act one of the show, and stay tuned for the next post on act two!


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