November 14 On Stage

Today* is Monday, November 14, 2016. I wasn’t coming up with any good blog ideas, so I decided to look up today’s date in significance to theatrical and film history. There wasn’t any major event that happened today in American history, but a significant number of actors and actresses share today as their birthday. You may recognize a few of them by the movies or TV shows they were in (I’ll bet you’d recognize a lot more of them if you looked up their pictures).

So a big happy birthday to:

  • Rosemary Decamp; actress – 1910 – That Girl, Yankee Doodle Dandy
  • Veronica Lake; actress – 1922 – Sullivan’s Travels, I Married a Witch
  • McLean Stevenson; actor – 1927 – M*A*S*H, The Cat From Outer Space
  • Kathleen Hughes; actress – 1928 – Sally and Saint Anne, Revenge
  • Paul Hirsch; film editor – 1945 – I Love Trouble, Hi, Mom!
  • Paul McGann; actor – 1959 – Doctor Who, Luther
  • Patrick Warbuton; actor – 1964 – Family Guy, Ted
  • David Moscow; actor – 1974 – Newsies, Big

I’m going to go a little bit more in depth on David Moscow because he was in a couple of really good movies (in my opinion) and also because Newsies was on Broadway. David Moscow was born in 1974 and is celebrating his 42nd birthday today. His first movie was Big, a movie about a twelve year old boy that wishes to be “big” and gets his wish when he is turned into a 30 year old man with the mind of a twelve year old. He faces the challenges of being “big” and longs to become a boy again. Newsies, a personal favorite, is a historical fiction movie about the “newsies” of New York in the early 1900s. Newises are the boys that sold newspapers on the streets of New York. The story follows a group of rebellious boys that strike against the newspaper companies in order to make the wages fair, and in doing so they bring attention to the working children living on the streets. Newsies was a huge success, so successful that on March 29, 2012, it opened on Broadway and after over 1,700 performances it closed (sadly) on August 24, 2014. I was fortunate enough to have seen one of the Broadway performances and fell in love with the show ❤

These are a few of the theatrical/film events of November 14:

  • 1964 “Fade Out-Fade In” closes at Mark Hellinger NYC after 199 performances
  • 1964 “Folies Bergere” closes at Broadway Theater NYC after 191 performances
  • 1964“Oliver!” closes at Imperial Theater NYC after 774 performances
  • 1997 Disney’s “Lion King” sets Broadway record daily sale of $2,700,000

Image result for lion king broadway opening date

I love the Lion King! Disney’s movie first came out in 1994 and was so popular that on November 13, 1997, it hit the Broadway stage. The movie and the preview that came out on October 15 of 1997 convinced the public to buy tickets to the show, putting sales through the roof at an outstanding $2,700,000 a day. This production was put on with people wearing intricate African savanna animal costumes instead of the familiar animated characters. I also had the privilege of seeing this show and highly recommend seeing it for an amazing theater experience. The combination of the magical costumes, singing, and acting are what keeps this show a Broadway classic today.

November 14th is also an important date in history in general, and this just touched on some of the theater points of the day. Happy November 14th! 🙂

*Posted day after written



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